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Oct 25, 2012 11:00am PDT
one is still called today. east jerusalem was then part of jordan, and it contained the jews' holiest sites, including their ancient temple, destroyed by the romans. once the temple was destroyed, all that remained was the western wall. this place is important for the jewish people worldwide. ross: this is what people prayed to ever since the second temple was destroyed, ever since the jewish people were dispersed. narrator: but because they were in jordanian east jerusalem, the site was off limits to jews until 1967. that year, israel defeated threatening arab armies in the six-day war and gained control over more territory. from syria they took the golan heights. from egypt they captured the sinai peninsula and the gaza strip. from jordan they occupied the west bank of the jordan river, including the rest of jerusalem. ross: after the six-day war, after the victory in '67, with the unification of jerusalem, one of the very first things done by a labor-led government was to make it clear that jerusalem would never be divided again. narrator: israel had moved its capital to jerusalem
Oct 3, 2012 6:00pm PDT
out the triangle, and it's baptism. we happened to just arrive at the river jordan - not really headed there for any reason - we got to the river jordan, where, of course, jesus is baptized, and we see all these people there being baptized, and we say, "why are you doing it?" and it's because the myths, the story in the new testament speaks of baptism, jesus was baptized, they want to be baptized in the same spot. then we jump all the way half a world away to roy, washington, and speak to a fundamentalist baptist preacher who says exactly why he does it. and hopefully, this will show our triangle at work. so let's go to our roll-in on baptism and look for that dimensional triangle. ♪ god is so good, ♪ god is so good, ♪ he's so good to me ♪ god is so good, ♪ god is so good, >> personally, for me, we were talking earlier about how we were going to chicken out because it was so cold. but i'm really glad we did, that it not only reaffirms how i really believe, but the bible tells you to be baptized, and just to - like my father said - to do it here in jordan river is something re
Oct 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
spread germs by putting it in our mouth, too. i didn't put it in my mouth. jordan, this is too close to your eye, and that's not a choice. we can help by being consistent with our children in words and deeds. children appreciate knowing just what the rules are at home or in the classroom. that way, they know where they stand and what will happen if they cross the line. woman: remember, we must keep our glasses on to protect our eyes. woman, voice-over: we teach limits by example. woman: miss hammill will put it on very easy. just for it to protect your eyes, so you won't hit your eyes with the hammer or the nails pop in your eyes, o.k.? woman, voice-over: there's no running in the classroom. the limit for that is safety reasons. it's safer to walk in the classroom. if you're running around a table and you hit the chair, you're gonna get hurt. if you walk around the table, you have a better chance of not hitting that chair, and when they understand that limit in the health perspective, it's better-- they can more readily understand why that's a rule. woman: let go of her dress. it is
Oct 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
see a rainbow, too, jordan? the lights are rainbows. the lights turn into rainbows. that's right. you made a rainbow using your prism. you try it. ok. i'll try it. hendrick: you'll be surprised how many new ideas and approaches can come from these discussions. i do see a rainbow. it's very pretty. in and out of the classroom, we should look for ways to provide multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and other community experiences for our children. woman: and you know what? we're going to have a very special visit today from linda from in the butterfly room. did you know that linda is chinese? she's going to come over. she's going to cook with us today. yeah. we need to put it on the foil. hendrick: we've learned that the more variety of experiences children have in their lives, the wider the range is of creative expression. the more personal experiences our children have with people and situations outside of their own environment, the more material our children can draw on to incorporate in their play. and the father said, "it's dinnertime! it's dinnertime! it's dinnertime!" hendrick: our chal
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4